Taylor is the epitome of “your bridal bff”. As a type A planner myself, I thought I could manage everything on my own, but let me tell ya.. hiring Taylor was the BEST decision. She helped me tie up those loose ends you can forget about, was punctual, always had a planner with her ready to write down any details we went over, and friendly. She brought new ideas to the table and wanted my day to truly be spectacular and everything I had envisioned. Taylor was available almost 24/7 and ready to help with any plans or just there to talk and be a friend. She understands the weight of your special day and works tirelessly (in every aspect) to deliver.

—Payge Berry

Y’all, I thought I had everything together until my first consult with Taylor. As a wedding photographer, I thought I knew all that weddings could throw at you, but unless you are in every aspect of the industry you just can’t know. Taylor completely took everything I had envisioned and made it a reality for our big day! She had her hands on every part of our day, and I know it would not have been as perfect as it was without her! The best decision I made in all the planning was to hire my #bridalBFF and I will forever recommend her to all of my Brides.

—Kathryn Ely

I can’t recommend Taylor enough! She is so good at what she does. She is organized, prepared, knowledgeable, and great to work with. She helped make my day perfect and I’m positive my wedding day wouldn’t have gone nearly as smoothly or been nearly as enjoyable without her by my side. If you are looking for a wedding coordinator that will do everything she can to make your day less stressful, Taylor is your girl!

—Whitney Causey

Taylor gets it DONE! She takes all your fears and worries about wedding planning and applies her industry expertise and supreme organization skills to calm you with detailed timelines and clear communication. She connects you with other great vendors in town and makes everything come together perfectly. And not to mention she’s a hoot and just so much fun. I’m so glad she was on my team on my wedding day!

—Kelsey Brasher

When my husband and I began wedding planning, we originally decided we weren’t going to hire a planner/consultant in order to save money. After hiring Taylor, however, we were so glad we did.

Taylor knew I was engaged and had reached out to get together to just talk about her services and the reality of wedding planning. I was very impressed and felt no pressure by our initial meeting. You could tell Taylor had done her research and knew exactly what she was doing. At this point we were about 6 months away from our wedding date. Usually I am very organized and a “do it yourself” kind of woman, but my husband and I were completely overwhelmed. Taylor really stressed that our wedding day was about us. After talking to my husband, we knew that with the help of Tailored Events’ services we would be able to relax and really enjoy the moment.

Taylor was very professional through all the planning and the wedding day. She was completely organized and great about communication. She really went out of her way to do whatever task needed to be done and was always thinking ahead. A few examples of this include: making a timeline in order to make sure everything got done, sending me reminders—she even came to pick up items that needed to go to the venue a few days ahead of time to just take it off our hands. Our wedding day would not have been the same without the help of Tailored Events.

Taylor and her husband made everything me and my husband wanted happen. We did not have to worry about the timeline, decorations, getting set up, or the vendors. We really got to enjoy and soak in our day. Even after the wedding we would hear of things that happened that may have not went has planned, but on that day we knew nothing about it due to Taylor handling it. Taylor was really more than just a planner/consultant. She went above and beyond for us and was there through every second. She even completed duties that weren’t really in her job description like driving our get away car and her husband building our arch. If there is one thing I can stress to anyone going through the wedding planning process, it is that hiring a planner/consultant is completely worth it. You cannot go wrong with Tailored Events!

—Ashley Armand Clore