Budget—the fated “b-word” of the wedding world. Clients hate talking about it, vendors hate asking about it, and everyone hates thinking about it. Right?

It’s high time we shake off that begrudging attitude about budget and start getting real! Your budget is the linchpin in the whole wedding orchestration, and you shouldn’t feel awkward about it! No matter your budget, you can have a beautiful, personal wedding—but you have to talk about it to make it happen.

The first thing I do when I meet prospective clients is ask them if they have a budget. If you’ve ever reached out to a vendor, you’ll probably say the say is true for them. It seems like a pointed question, especially in the South where proper manners reign supreme, but it’s really not a taboo subject—it’s the most necessary one to discuss! Not only does it dictate your choices, it also allows you to say within your margin of financial reason.

“But, what if I don’t have a set budget yet?” I knew you’d ask that—I get that question often! If you don’t have an overall budget set, don’t stress! Part of my job is helping you to create a budget, stick to it, and still get the wedding you envision.


Here are my go-to guidelines when determining a budget:

Decide your top 3 most important aspects of your wedding. Is it a downtown, urban location? Is it a five-course plated dinner? Is over-the-top floral centerpieces? Whatever is most important to you and your betrothed will guide the planning of your entire event—and these are the things you should prioritize!

Have conversations with any parties who may possibly contribute financially. It’s 2018—(nearly) gone are the days of the bride’s family paying for entire soirees. Modern brides and grooms have many helping hands, so talk to yours and see how much they’re able to contribute, or what specifically they might want to pay for.

Determine your personal contributions. Lots of couples pay for parts of their weddings, some more or less than others. Talk to your sweetie about your personal contributions toward the big day and factor that into your wedding fund.

Learn about the average market costs for wedding services. Each year, The Knot publishes a helpful article on the national average wedding costs for the year prior. Here, you can see how much most couples spend on which items. See the 2017 guide hereKeep in mind, regional prices, especially in the South, are typically lower than national averages.

Consult the professionals. A great one-stop-shop to get an idea of costs in your area is a local wedding planner (like me!). We work in local markets daily, and can speak to spending trends, as well as advise on vendors who may fit your budget best. If you’re not quite ready to meet with a planner, consider asking your professional vendors what their couples spend for their services on average for your type of wedding (size, location, etc.). Most vendors are happy to give you a ballpark estimate and further discuss how they can meet your needs.


Money may be the last subject anyone wants to talk about, but following my go-to guidelines will help alleviate some of that anxiety and provide you with small, tangible, practical steps to get the budget ball rolling.

Need to talk budget? Drop me a line at hello@tailoredevents.co and let’s crunch some numbers together!