With wedding season in full swing, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite trends for 2018 to give you a little inspo as you plan your day. Below are my top three trends to follow to take your wedding to the next, trendy level (without being trite or tacky!).


Talk Dusty to Me

Okay, I get it. The word “dusty” isn’t the ideal word you want to use to describe your wedding style. But, we’re not talking “dusty” like dirty or dingy—we’re talking muted, pastel, and neutral. From dusty rose to dusty blue, using one of these mellow hues not only shows your keen eye to current wedding trends, it also gives your event an elevated, classic feel while using actual colors. Gone are the days where “elegant” and “classy” wedding styles mean only using black and white and neutral hues. You can still incorporate color and keep the vibe elevated and understated. Plus, by using a muted tone for bridesmaids, groomsmen, and place settings, you can really play up your floral accents in more vibrant shades without it feeling circus-y or rainbow-y.

Hoop! There it is.

Speaking of florals, my second favorite trend are floral hoops. *insert all the heart eyes here*. I love these hoops for many reasons: they’re a great filler for a backdrop, they add visual interest to blank spaces, and they can easily be done DIY-style. Personally, I love a mix of varying sizes hanging at various lengths. You can hang these from an arch or arbor, suspend them behind your head table, or even use them instead bridesmaids’ bouquets for an extra-trendy, cost-effective alternative. My tip? Use a mix of florals and greenery to add depth and interest. The less matchy, the better!

Go Geo

If geometric shapes are wrong, I certainly don’t want to be right! We’re seeing lots of gilded geometric accents popping up all over the wedding world, and I can’t get enough of it! For me, I love to mix styles, especially romantic and frilly with modern and edgy—geometric pieces are the perfect, subtle way to add a little modern flare to your soiree. Centerpiece idea: alternate your tables with geometric-shaped tealight holders around low floral arrangements and geometric terrariums filled with either greenery, flowers, or pillar candles. The variation keeps the aesthetic interesting, and using touches of geometry throughout the event keeps the look consistent.


In 2018, weddings are definitely pushing the style envelope, and I am so on board! No matter your style, you can tastefully incorporate any (or all) of these three trends for an in-style, yet still perfectly “you” vibe. Need help melding your style with these fun, modern elements? Call #yourbridalbff for a style consultation! We can make your wedding WOW-worthy while still reflecting your personal look—just ask me how!